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Unanswered Questions Remaining in IURC Ethics Controversy Preclude Pre-Judging Probe Outcome

Today the Citizens Action Coalition electronically delivered a letter to Governor Daniels outlining its concerns that the problems at the IURC go well beyond the "bad judgment" of two people.  CAC believes that important, unanswered questions regarding the controversy should preclude even the Governor from pre-judging the conclusions of an investigation yet to be completed.  

CAC is basing these concerns on information gleaned from contact with whistle-blowers at the IURC and other State agencies, as well as other sources.  

Of particular concern to the Coalition are publicly reported comments made recently by the Governor suggesting that the investigation he ordered has not uncovered any evidence that the misconduct which has taken place at the IURC as a result of the actions of former Chairman David Lott Hardy and former Chief ALJ Scott Storms involves anything more than "bad judgment" by those two individuals.

“We believe that there is information readily available to the Inspector General that the Governor's statements do not consider which he is either overlooking or has not yet been made aware of,” states Grant Smith, Executive Director of CAC. “We hope the Governor will take our concerns seriously and wait for the Inspector General to fully investigate these matters before drawing any premature conclusions.”

In addition to Gov. Daniels, the letter was also sent electronically to David Thomas, Indiana's Inspector General.  A copy of the letter is attached.

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