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Redistricting Reform

Redistricting & Gerrymandering in Indiana

Redistricting is the process of redrawing district maps after the census to equalize the populations of congressional and legislative districts. Gerrymandering is the act of rigging the districts to sway the outcome of the election toward the party in power. 


We believe that voters should choose their elected officials. However, in Indiana state politicians choose their voters because they are in control of redrawing Indiana's districts every 10 years. Citizens Action Coalition is a part of the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting, All IN for Democracy, a large group of organizations that has been working together for the last several years to put a fair redistricting process in place for Indiana.


The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC)

Since the Indiana General Assembly (IGA) has refused to create a Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw fair and impartial district maps, we did it ourselves! The Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting has formed our own citizens redistricting commission, composed of nine members:  three Republicans, three Democrats and three members who are neither Republican nor Democrat.  The members will select a chairperson who must not be affiliated with either of the major political parties.


The goal of this commission is to create a public mapping website so that Hoosiers across the state can be fully engaged in redistricting. The ICRC will demonstrate how the redistricting process in Indiana should be conducted.  The ICRC will show that a politically balanced group of citizens working transparently and in cooperation with citizens can devise districts that will serve the public interest, not the interests of politicians. 


The ICRC will hold a series of virtual public meetings in 2021 to take public testimony on what redistricting criteria should guide the map-drawing process and to identify communities of interest throughout the state.  They will publish a report and send it to the members of the Indiana General Assembly charged with redistricting responsibilities.  They will also sponsor a map-drawing competition and serve as the judges for that competition.  The maps that best fulfill the criteria established through the public testimony and endorsed by the ICRC membership will be awarded cash prizes.


Those maps will also be submitted to the IGA by the All IN for Democracy coalition whose members will lobby the legislature to adopt them, instead of the partisan-drawn maps that will be produced by the incumbent politicians.  Our goal is to force the IGA to choose between maps drawn in a transparent manner by a politically balanced group of citizens or the maps drawn in secret by politicians who want to preserve their power. The choice should be clear.         


For more on why redistricting reform is necessary, and what that reform should look like in Indiana, visit


Outcome of Public Redistricting Meetings:

The Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission (ICRC) held a meeting in each of Indiana's 9 Congressional Districts and took testimony from the public regarding what redistricting criteria should guide the map-drawing process and to identify communities of interest throughout the state. Click here to watch the meetings. Public comments from these meetings will be included in a report to the Indiana General Assembly and will set the parameters for a public mapping competition seeking community-focused districts.  Click here to read the final report from these meetings.

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Redistricting Webinar: 9/13/21

All IN for Democracy, the Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting, will hold a webinar next Monday, September 13th, to provide an update on what to expect at the committee hearing and throughout the redistricting process and to help folks prepare their legislative testimony. Register for the Redistricting Webinar here!


Proposed Maps Released on 9/14/21!

On Tuesday, September 14, the House Committee on Elections and Apportionment will release its proposed new districts for Congress and the state House of Representatives online at


9/16/21: Redistricting Rally & Public Testimony on Maps

On Thursday, September 16, the Committee will meet at the Indiana State House to take public testimony on their proposals. No time has been announced yet for the committee hearing.

On 9/16/21, we will hold a rally outside the Indiana State House, on the Washington Street steps, before the committee hearing begins. The hearing time has not yet been released, but we wanted to reach out today to ask you to save the date and plan to be in Indianapolis on September 16th to show your support for fair maps. We will get the time to you as soon as we know the time of the hearing.


Contact your state legislators:

Send them the report from the Indiana Citizens Redistricting Commission and tell them that you want a redistricting process that is open and transparent, with opportunities for citizens to participate.


To look up and/or e-mail your Indiana legislators, visit:


The very best way to get a message to your State Senator and Representative is to call and leave a message with their Legislative Assistants.  These PDF documents have the direct numbers and e-mail addresses for all of our Indiana State Legislators:


To mail a letter or make a phone call:  

Indiana Senate
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2786
(800) 382-9467 

Indiana House of Representatives
200 W. Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204-2786
(800) 382-9842




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