2016 Citizens Action Coalition Member Survey

The results are in!

The results are in for the 2016 Citizens Action Coalition member survey. The survey was delivered to 7,531 CAC members for whom we have a current e-mail address, and we received 371 total responses. The results continue to display our members consistent and strong support for our work.

CAC membership continues to be exceptionally diverse with respect to political leanings and political party identity.

This fact displays that affordable utility bills, clean air, clean water, and accountable and transparent government are non-partisan issues. Half of CAC members lean to the left, with 34% identifying as liberal and 16% described themselves as very-liberal. The other half of CAC members said they’re moderates or they lean to the right. Specifically, 28% labeled themselves as moderate, while 18% identified as conservative and the remaining 4% as very-conservative.

Other results from the demographic portion of the survey of note included the fact that nearly 80% of CAC members who responded to the survey are 55 or older, while educational achievement and income levels varied greatly. The results show that CAC is sorely lacking in ethnic and racial diversity. 97% of members who responded to the survey identified as non-Hispanic White. CAC is taking this statistic to heart and we will work harder to diversify our membership.

As expected, CAC members remain nearly unanimous when it comes to being concerned about high utility bills, whether electric, gas, or water/wastewater.

CAC members also displayed unanimity with expressing concern regarding clean air, clean water, and greenhouse gas emissions. We were pleased to see that a clear majority of CAC members support the Clean Power Plan, the EPA proposal to reduce carbon emissions from coal-fired power-plants. These general guiding principles remain at the core of CAC’s mission and work, and these survey results show our members support of this path.

CAC has a renewed focus on ensuring access to essential human services for all Hoosiers, regardless of income and means, with our recent emphasis on working for assistance programs to help vulnerable households who are struggling to pay their bills. The survey results display our members support of these efforts with a clear majority responding that they support providing assistance to low-income households.

CAC has worked for decades to increase investments in energy efficiency and to ensure access to the electric grid through net metering for all utility customers. We are pleased that the survey results show that our membership remain strong in support of these endeavors.   

The full survey results are available at the link below (or in the sidebar). Please feel free to call or email us with any concerns or questions that you may have. Watch your email for future surveys!

2016 CAC Member Survey Results (PDF)

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