Door-to-door and phone canvassing are vital to our success. It allows us to reach a large number of people, in many towns, income levels, with varied political affiliations. One of the strengths of CAC is the diversity of our membership; canvassing allows us to build this diverse base of support.

Every night, all year long, CAC's staff is out in different neighborhoods all over Indiana, mobilizing citizens to get involved and have a positive impact on the economic and environmental issues that affect us all. When a representative of CAC knocks on your door or calls you on the phone, s/he is there with the intent to inform you about an important issue affecting your life, and get you involved in the campaign.

As a courtesy to Indiana communities, we provide notification to each town or county clerk to let them know that we intend to canvass in their area. We also fax a list of the canvassers' names to the local law enforcement so that they are aware of our presence in the community in order to ensure the safety of both the community and our canvassers. Additionally, each of our canvassers carries a picture ID around his or her neck or attached to his or her clipboard, so that members of the community have verification that our canvassers are legitimately representing CAC.

As a grassroots organization, CAC cannot compete with money that utilities, telecom and and other powerful lobbyists are able to contribute to the campaigns of our elected officials; we use strength in numbers instead. That is why it is important for CAC to have dedicated people on our staff, and the support of the citizens of Indiana.

Current Campaigns

These are the issues of immediate importance we are working on right now.