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2019 Indiana General Assembly

Each year, CAC maintains a presence at the Indiana Statehouse, monitoring legislation on energy, environment, good governance, human services, natural resources, and utilities.


Hoosiers have come to rely on Citizens Action Coalition to be at the Statehouse to monitor Indiana legislation pertaining to agriculture, energy, environment, utilities, and good governance. During each annual session of the Indiana General Assembly, we are working diligently to protect consumers, our democracy, our environment, our natural resources, and vulnerable populations.


The 2019 legislative session is a budget year in which the legislature must pass Indiana’s biennial budget. This means that this session is what’s known as the "long" session. By statute the legislators have until April 29th to complete their business, compared to mid-March for the "short" session.


CAC is expecting that many bills related to agriculture, energy, environment, and utilities will be discussed. Additionally, we will once again be working to pass much-needed redistricting reform. As a reminder, redistricting is the process of re-drawing district maps after the census to equalize the populations of congressional and legislative districts. Since legislators draw the district maps, politicians gerrymander districts to choose voters they already know will vote for them and exclude those who will vote against them. 


CAC is an active member of The Indiana Coalition for Independent Redistricting (All IN for Democracy). The coalition played a significant role in putting forth a proposal that merged the best features from redistricting laws across the country. This proposal is SB91, sponsored by Senators Ruckelshaus, Bohacek and Ford. CAC will be working with our coalition partners to get SB91 moved through the legislative process.


For a deeper discussion of redistricting, visit our redistricting campaign page here.


Please check back in during the legislative session for updates and our weekly reports. And be sure to follow our social media for an up-to-date detailing of our work at the Indiana State Capitol. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Below are the lists of the bills that CAC is following during the 2019 Indiana General Assembly:

2019 Agriculture and Environment Bill Watch List 

2019 Consumer, Energy, and Utility Bill Watch List 

2019 Redistricting Bill Watch List 


Below are our weekly reports regarding the goings-on at the Indiana State House:

2019 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 1

2019 Indiana General Assembly Report, Week 2 


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To look up and/or e-mail your legislators, visit:

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Indiana Senate
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(800) 382-9467

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