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Help to Prolong the Life of Net Metering in Indiana!

In 2017, the Indiana General Assembly decided to put an end to net metering in Indiana with SEA309. As a result of this legislation, after July 1, 2022, net metering will no longer be made available to Hoosiers who want to go solar.


Net metering allows electric customers the ability to generate their own electricity with renewable resources, and to be fairly compensated for the excess energy sent back to the grid. This allows Hoosiers to gain energy independence, and to reduce reliance on monopoly electric utilities. It also allows households more control over energy costs and electric bills.


In the 2021 Session of the Indiana General Assembly, state legislators have an opportunity to right this wrong, at least temporarily. Please urge your state legislators to stand up for Hoosiers by supporting an extension of the phase-out deadlines for net metering in Indiana!


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Help us extend the life of Net Metering in Indiana!


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The very best way to get a message to your State Senator and Representative is to call and leave a message with their Legislative Assistants.  These PDF documents have the direct numbers and e-mail addresses for all of our Indiana State Legislators:


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Indiana Senate
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