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Why your contribution is so important:

Since 1974, our members' support has kept Citizens Action Coalition working for fair utility rates and affordable healthcare in the State of Indiana.

Your contributions have allowed us to continue our work at the State House every year, making sure that your legislators hear how these issues affect consumers throughout the state. Your generosity has allowed us to intervene at the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission when utilities try to raise your rates. Your help has brought us into local communities to bring people together and make sure that your voice counts. Your membership is critical to our efforts. Your voices must be heard by the policymakers at the State House. Your voices must be heard by the utility regulators.

Without all of us coming together and speaking out, the people’s voices will be drowned out by big money and the pursuit of egregious profits over the needs of Indiana consumers. Your contribution allows us to continue our work representing your interests. The beauty of our work is that it only takes a little bit from a lot of people to keep us working on your behalf.

Alone, it is difficult to accomplish these feats. But when all of us stand together, united, our voices are much stronger and we can and do protect the ratepayers of Indiana from the abuses of monopoly utility companies. Thank you so much for being a part of the work we do. We could not do it without you!

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